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    Attorney at law (German) Witold Ulatowski
    Specialist for Construction und Architectural Law

    Tel.:  089/ 260 242 96
    Fax:  089/ 260 264 98

    E-mail: kanzlei@ulatowski.de

    Agnes-Bernauer-Straße 126
    80687  München

    Responsible for content: Witold Ulatowski (Anschrift siehe oben)

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    Extra information according to § 6 Teleservices law (TDG):

    Attorney (lawfull discription of profession) Witold Ulatowski is a registered member of the attorney’s chamber by the regional court of appeals in Munich; the lawfull description of profession was bestode to in Germany. The specification of the pertinent regulations to the right of profession of German attorney’s are: State attorney’s regulation, The Attorney’s regulation of profession, The European Communities (Lawyer’s Practice) Regulation, Specialized Attorney’s regulation, Lawyer’s compensation law, Law of associates related free professions(*), law of council(** and *), and Regulation to the execution of the law of council, and(** and *) second regulation to the execution of the law of council(** and *).

    The the ** und *. marked regulations are published as follows:
    *  State law papers
    ** Reichs law papers
    The other regulations are available at the Stae attorney’s chamber. To this they are available in book shops for law materials, the atttorney’s chamber as well as the State and Regional law of Justices in Germany



Attorney at law Witold Ulatowski  •  Specialist for Construction und Architectural Law  •  Kanzlei@Ulatowski.de
Agnes-Bernauer-Str. 126  •  80687 München  •  Tel. +49 89 260 242 96  •  Fax +49 89 260 264 98
Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 7a  •  86551 Aichach  •  Tel. +49 8251 889 31 35  •  Fax +49 8251 8937668